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ClipperJet - New GIV Membership LA-NY

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Feb 25, 2006
Just found this on AIN. 14 seats in the GIV... Obviously Surf Air is doing reasonably well from a membership standpoint in Cali from what I hear - no doubt you can probably find enough people in those two cities for this type of shuttle. The membership model works better for cash flow but requires a certain number of members to work. Catering and limo service is included. Evidently they will consider additional city pairs if this LA-NY route does well. SFO-NY would be my guess.

Thoughts???? Hasn't this been tried before?

See AIN blurb below:

Jet Membership Firm To Fly GIVs on NYC-LA Route
[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Orange County, Calif.-based ClipperJet Services is now selling memberships in its Part 135 on-demand charter service aimed at premium-seat commuters flying between New York City and Los Angeles. For $9,700 about the cost of one round-trip premium flight from New York to Los Angeles someone can buy a membership on ClipperJet and have four one-way flights, in addition to access to an unlimited number of 24-hour standby flights each month, said ClipperJet CEO James Occhipinti. Corporate memberships cost $14,700 a month and include six one-way flights for one employee, plus unlimited standby. More than one ClipperJet member can share transport on the flights between Van Nuys or Burbank, Calif., and New York. Catering, TSA pre-clearance, VIP lounges and limo services are wrapped into the membership benefits. ClipperJet has secured funding for an initial pair of Gulfstream IVs configured with 14 captains chairs. The aircraft will have distinctive paint schemes, but no logo, the company told AIN. FBO partners have not yet been determined, it said. Once memberships are established and the Los Angeles-New York route is functioning, other routes will be announced, the company added.

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Hasn't this been tried before? What happens when they need a MX recovery? At approx $2400 per seat each way, that's only $33k to find a recovery for 14 people, assuming all 14 seats were full. Not sure what is a typical configuration for a charter G4, but I'd imagine it's gonna get expensive quick when they need to recover off-fleet.

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