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climbto350- Opinions Please?

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Well-known member
Dec 28, 2001
Has Climbto350 been a good resource for anyone? Im thinking about adding my info. as it looks pretty good but I just wanted to get some feedback. I think they charge about $10/month. Any comments on the sight as to how valuable a tool it is are appreciated. -Focus

I think Climbto350.com is overall a good site. They recently started charging a fee after 9/11 due to the volume of resumes being sent to employers. All the fee does is let the new job postings be seen 3 days before non-paying people can view them, and you can post you resume. Do employers have to go to a web site for pilots in this market?

Overall I would not waste my money. I just Cx my subscription.

Good Luck
as InHot noted, you can try it for free. They will ask for a credit card #, but if you cancel before the deadline there is no cost.

I've heard a number of people claim that climbto350.com gets their "postings" from other sources. I don't know if this is true.

Seems a worth while site to surf and see whose hiring, if they are hit their company website and go to them directly.
Wait the seven days until the ads are free. If you look youll notice most of their ads are copied word from word from the airline web sites and continued to be posted even after the airlines discontinued hiring. I some cases I have sent resumes and gotten responses from the company that they werent hiring
I will gladly give my opinion

I'm not giving one more red cent to another middle man. I'm sick of being nickle and dimed to death by individuals hoping to make a few bucks on my ambition.

Case in point: UPAS.

I've been current on UPAS for almost four years--only because I want to work for Alaska. Well, now Alaska has dropped UPAS, I need to re-apply to the company directly and four years of dues and updates are tossed out the window.

I ask you: When will pilots be evaluated for employment by examining their skill, technical knowledge and work history *rather* than by their ability to procure the most effective letter of recomendation or their ability to learn a sim profile by rote.

Sorry for the rant but I'm sick of jumping through irrelevent hoops.

I realize the original question pertains to Climbto350 and I'm on a tangent, happily bashing the airline selection process in general...

Climbto350 is an excellent site but I will *not* pay them on a matter of principle.

I will not pay UPAS any longer.

I will not pay for a 737 type.

My education, training and work history speak for themselves.

350 has legitimate jobs and ones that they just find and put up there.

A high number of foreign and odd jobs.

As to the point of middle men. You miss the message. The companies that use them do so for a simple reason. It allows them to search by the criteria that they want with out all the trouble and record keeping that comes from an applicant.

Take Fedex for instance. People complain that they get hit for a fee to apply, does Fedex need that much money and pray on the poor pilots.

The fact is that Fedex gets tons of unsolicited resumes that they have to look at and track. It is expensive and a majority are from unqualified personnel./

If you want to state that you will not pay for a 737 type, great, you will not be working for SWA. If Alaska was hiring, odds are that you would still be using UPAS. If not, they would spend the money to have their own system./

If you do not like the system, then find something else to do.
Another quality job from Climbto350.Com:

March 15, 2002
PDS AVIATION SERVICES (Stockroom Clerks - West Palm Beach, Florida)
5000 NW 36th Street, Miami, FL 33166
Tel: no calls
Fax: none
Email: [email protected]
Web Site: http://www.pdstech.com
Positions in West Palm Beach, Florida for stockroom clerks. Responsible for handing out tools and supplies to aircraft maintenance personnel. Keep inventory of all tools and supplies. Maintain records of tools in need of calibration. Must have experience working with aircraft parts. Please email resume in word format to [email protected]. When applying, ref: climbto350.com

Must also be able to dress themselves without assistance, talk without drooling on themselves, and chew gum without biting their own tongue. No furloughed pilots please.
Thanks for pointing out the obvious

Mr. Publisher: Thanks for pointing out the painfully obvious--I nearly missed that rather fine point.

Funny response given that my post only had the best interests of all pilots in mind (yours included).

I'm sympathetic to the paperwork woes of FedEx, Alaska and other companies that are swamped with unqualified applications. But quite frankly, it's not my problem. Not my problem, that is, until they flat-out require me to solicit the services of the Middle Man.

Here's a solution: Don't accept applications from those that don't meet the minimums.

You graciously wrote: <<If you do not like the system, then find something else to do.>>

My response: Good idea! I've always wanted to be an English teacher.

By the way, didn't anybody ever tell you not to begin a sentence with a numerical figure (i.e. "350...")
thanks for the English lesson...

the problem is that larger employers cannot just take those that meet the minimums as applicants. Federal law dictates that they treat all applicants in a fair and equitable manner.

The point being that there are legitimate business reasons for utilizing certain systems. I would remind you that ALPA set up UPAS.

To make the statement that you do not like the way they do things, fine. They do not have to hire you either. When I lefty EZ, I spent about $1500 on my search. Seemed like a resonable investment for a $90k job.

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