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Classes after April @ SWA


Dec 13, 2001
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Hey all,

Talked with JM this morning and was told to expect a May class, however, flight ops has no more classes planned after April and that a decision for future classes will be made next month. Does anyone have information on this. I'm kinda itching to get going!



Jan 13, 2002
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Are you in the pool list

I don't see a RJones in the pool list - what are your stats, if you don't mind.



Just another number
Nov 26, 2001
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He's there. It's Jetpilotrich.

I'm not sure what Jennifer meant by that but everything seems to be going full steam ahead here.

I'll see what I can find out tomorrow.



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Jan 11, 2002
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What's going on?

Well, I've been off the site for a while. Had to take a real job (yuk) and it sucks!!! Budget couldn't take the strain of being unemployed.
I, too am a little concerned at the slow progress our list is making. It is great that T45 has made the Mar 28th class. This is what I (and undoubtedly Ivauir) predicted. What confuses me is that SWA are still actively calling people for interview and they have a list of pilots in the pool that could keep them going for months and months.
My prediction for Jetpilotrich is April 11th. If Ivauir and I can make accurate predictions (so far we have been within 1 class of each candidate) why can't SWA do likewise? Or maybe they are now. If he doesn't get called until May I'll be there in June. Yikes. That'll be 7 months after type.
Any info would be very, very welcome. I never got my February "how goes it" call. Don't want to be a nuisance and call them seeing as they are very busy with all the recently interviewed.
T45 - what date were you initially promised?

Concerned of Virginia:confused:


Fair and Balanced...
Jan 31, 2002
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Initial Date

JM was initially telling me sometime in April. True to form, the call came the month before my predicted date. Just an observation, but SWA seems to tell you to expect a class a month after you probably will get one. I am sure that this is no accident, coming from a company that works on very efficient and carefully planned operations.
What does all this mean? Well, hopefully everyone from flight info will get a class one month before they expect it. As far as classes stopping after April, well I obviously have no idea, but ACTIONS always speak louder than words. SWA just announced that they were expanding more routes (i.e. MDW-LA) and taking a large number of new gates at BWI. Also, pulling more planes out of the desert. All of these things seem to mean more pilots and more jobs across the board.
I am suprised on how few guys from the Mar 14th class we had at flightinfo, but hopefully we will have a much better showing in the class to come! Good luck all!


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Nov 27, 2001
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12 +
A little news from inside!

I am in the Feb 28th class and I found out a few things that may help.

#1 Not everyone knows about the list of poolies on this site and some of the ones that do did not want to enter their info for their own personal reasons. That simply means that 75% of my class is unknown to the people on this site.

#2 I met some of the interviewees for today last night and most of them did not know about this website but had been on some other sites that regularly discuss SWA interviews and hiring. Those people selected by the DB will also not be on this list of poolies.

#3 (And this is the good news) Every indication from SWA training personnel is that they are being asked to train 450 + pilots this year and probably for the next few years. After the new 737-700 sim is installed this month and FAA certified within a few months, training should increase. When the second 737-700 sim in installed in September and certified before years end, that will also increase the numbers for training.

The point is like Chase said, this is not an official site so just use it for the intended purpose. To keep interested parties as up to date as possible and to feed your desire for a glimmer of knowledge that helps to excite your possilbe future at SWA.

If you are a poolie, the odds are in your favor to be at SWA by years end. If you are waiting for a DB, you should have at least a one in three chance of being selected and joining the pool until your number comes up to attend a class. Once in class you have a better than 95% chance of completing SWA training and flying for a great airline that could be, and is poised to be, #1 before the other airlines realize what has happened.

Good luck to all, and I hope to see you around the campus!


Dec 13, 2001
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Hey Pegasus,

Don't worry you are not alone, I haven't heard from SWA since January(JM is probably swamped) when I gave them a call. I feel the same way that you do, not wanting to be a nusence. Anyway I am just waiting paitiently and I hope that they didn't lose my number.
Good things come to those who wait(my fingers are crossed).


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Nov 25, 2001
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Pegasus and Tail Stall,
Give SWA a call, you're not being a nuisance. Before I was hired Cindy Hamilton (she use to do JM's job) had me call in every month. I didn't want to bug them so I made the calls as quick as possible just to let them know I was still alive and still very much looking forward to flying for SWA. The peace of mind you'll get from the call will be well worth it.
As far as the class dates after April, SWA would not be interviewing all the people they are if they didn't have hiring plans. At the rate we're going all the planes will be out of the desert by August. The people department will always give a conservative answer when it comes to class dates. 450 for the year is probably a good number to go by. Hope this helps


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Feb 22, 2002
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8 sec.
I too made a call to SWA this morning, and talked with Lindsey (Unfortunately, I'm still waiting for the almighty interview). She gave me the same info: no classes planned after April due a backlog in training and the lack of "numbers" from Flight Ops. She did say that a decision would be made "within the next month or so". She also told me to call her in the next 3 - 4 weeks to get an update.
Unfortunately for me I apparently had been called a year ago last month for an interview. As it turns out, they called someone else's number which was almost the same as mine and I never got the word (obviously). so now I get to wait just a bit longer. She did say that I could plan on being in the next group, so you bet I'm gonna keep on top of everything this time. :cool: