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Class dates SWA question??????????

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Active member
Jan 14, 2002
I was wondering how they picked who was going to class and when? Do they go by date of hire, interview date, when you got your type, etc. I don't have a type and need to get it within 6 months but am I going to be penalized for getting it in 3-4 months rather than 1 month. I am very busy for the next two months but if I have to I will rearrange some things. Thanks for some input and opinions are welcome too.
GET YOUR TYPE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is the LATER of your interview date or type date - do NOT delay, get your type TODAY! Your clock has not started ticking yet.

PS This info is confirmed by JM
Class Dates

Class dates are generally based upon the later of your interview or type date.

Ex: Interviewed 10 Feb, typed 1 Apirl, your pool date is 1 Apr.

Ex: Interviewed 10 Feb, typed 1 Jan (before interview). Pool date is 10 Feb.

Bottom line, get the type ASAP.

Guys who have been tracking the poolie situation say class dates have been running just under 180 days (and is slowly decreasing) from when you enter the pool.

There have been beaucoup threads on this topic. Do a few searches on SWA, Southwest and you'll get a wealth of info.

By the Way - Congrats!
One more piece of info,

FAX a copy of your type to JM when it's still wet in your hand. You actually don't get in the pool till she gets the FAX....don't delay.


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