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Class B Legal Question.

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Well-known member
Apr 17, 2005
Are controllers required to keep aircraft departing from/arriving at Class B airports within the confines of the Class B airspace? If so, can somebody give me a specific legal reference to that reg. I'm working on a project. Thanks.
Thanks. I didn't know that, but I am looking for a Controller to cite a specific reg in the CFRs or ATC handbook (or even AIM, if I have missed it).
There's no hard and fast rule to keep you in the B airspace, but FAAO 7110.65 reads:

7-9-3. METHODS
a. To the extent practical, clear large turbine engine-powered airplanes to/from the primary airport using altitudes and routes that avoid VFR corridors and airspace below the Class B airspace floor where VFR aircraft are operating.
Pilots operating in accordance with VFR are expected to advise ATC if compliance with assigned altitudes, headings, or routes will cause violation of any part of the CFR.

b. Vector aircraft to remain in Class B airspace after entry. Inform the aircraft when leaving and reentering Class B airspace if it becomes necessary to extend the flight path outside Class B airspace for spacing.

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