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CL604 salary?

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it's a dry heat
Dec 2, 2001
Hey guys,

I know this has been asked a thousand different ways recently, sorry to be repetitive. Can't put my hands on a salary survey and need some data for negotiation.....

Position is CL604 Capt / Cheif Pilot in the Southwest, all 135 flying.

Anybody got the survey numbers (NBAA, Pro pilot, etc) that I could use to back up my requested salary range?

Thanks in advance!
From Avcrew 2005 Survey

CL-604 Captain:
Avg.$101,900 Med. $100850 High $135.000 Low $75,000

No breakout for SW area by airframe.
hogdriver00 said:
Hey Rice, I made a bundle selling those when I was a Stu.

Great, make me feel old!!!!! I was rolling out of my fleet squadron right after that memorable event. That makes me a solid 4 years older if not more. The end of the last of the fun times. JOPA Lives!!!!!!!
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Rice's figures look good. However I know a chief pilot part 91 that is at 150,000 with first officers 100,00
Thanks for all the responses.

And a special thanks to Rice for signing me out of the FBO computer last week in Denver! :eek:

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