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Cj1 Sic

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NoPax NoMore
May 25, 2005
CJ1 Sic

I'm trying to get right seat on a CJ1 and have no time in type/or turbine (first jet job).

From your experiences, what do you think is a likely scenario for training required, and type rating etc. (assuming FSI training)?

The airplane will be leased, and I have been told that an SIC is required as the Single Pilot Waiver is only valid for personal use - is this correct ??? If so logging SIC should be ok - even though the airplane is designed for 1 pilot, right?

Would the PIC have to do recurrent training for crew with the SIC ?

I couldn't find anything in the regs, I assume it's a manufacturer requirement for SIC in commercial operations.

Sorry for so many questions!

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You'll likely go to a two week initial class at FSI or SimuFlite. You can legally log SIC in the CJ1 with no problems. There is no single pilot waiver in the CJ1. There are two type ratings for the CJ - CE525 (crew type, must use a copilot) and CE525s (may use a copilot if you wish but don't have to, can fly single pilot).

The type data certificate for the aircraft states that the minimum crew required is one, unless certain criteria are not complied with. That means the crew can consist of one or two pilots.

Do a search on this board to find more info. We've dicussed this topic alot here over the years. Just don't confuse the arguments against using an SIC in a King Air or piston twin with the arguments about using an SIC in a CJ.

Some of the requirements you are hearing about might be related to the insurance requirements.
Thanks ENGLISH. That helped to clear up a lot of confusion.

Any idea what the 'certain criteria' are, that must be complied with for single pilot - is it related to just the qualification of the pilot (ie CE525S), or other equipment, weather or operatonal (135/91) requirements?

To correct my previous post, the existing pilot (and the owner) both have CE525S Type rating. There are no plans for a CE525S for me, given the new operation they are moving into, nor would I want to fly it single pilot (done enough single pilot IFR already!)
In order to fly single pilot, the autopilot must be operative, the pilot must use a headset with boom mike, must sit in the left seat...there are some other items as well but it's been a while and I don't have references on me at the moment. The items are listed in section 2 of the AFM.
Thanks again.

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