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Civilian to Military


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Oct 26, 2005
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I wanted to know if any mil experienced individual could provide some l info to my queries while helping me understand from a different angle the bigger picture.
My son will be graduating shortly with a degree in Criminal Justice. He's interested in joining the service and serve with a very high interest in Helo's.
As we (Parents) try to get our head around this idea and help all 3 of us understand it better, I was wondering whether is possible and how can one individual transition into the military service.
Here are some of our initial queries.

1) Is there a cut off age,
2) Is there a specific process for college graduates to join OCS
3) which branch is open to candidates with degrees
4) what is the commitment time after
5) is it a difficult accepting/election and highly competitive process.

We understand that speaking to a recruiter directly may answer all of the above, but like I said, I was hoping to get a different opinion/suggestions/ideas from a different angle.

Any useful information is appreciated.


Fly Navy!
Nov 26, 2001
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Make sure he talks to an officer programs recuiter not a regular recruiter. There are specific recruiters for officer programs.

A regular recruiter will try and get him to enlist saying that is the only way. This is pure BS. This is a regular recruiter trying to fill a quota.

Every service has officers as pilots and in every service you can sign a contract guaranteeing pilot training. The Army also has Warrant Officer pilots and they too have a specific recuiter for thier flying program.


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Nov 26, 2001
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It is commendable your you son want to serve his country. It is an honorable pursuit and something most likely later in life he will never regret. But remember you do not join the military service to fly, you join to serve your country to fulfill the needs of the President by flying. You serve at the pleasure of the President. No matter what you think of the President you will do his bidding. You will not fly that much in the Military unless you go to a conflict. Army WO's do stay in the cockpit more than any other service, and there is tons of office duties and family separation. In 11 years of Navy Active duty I got 2500 hours, 700 in 6 months during Vietnam, then averaged under 200 hrs a year. I was gone from home for nearly 4 years. Saw my son for about 11 months between his birth, which I almost missed, and his third birthday. If you go into fly, you will have a 10-11 year obligation, which as an officer will include at least 3-4 years of not flying and doing office duties, or standing phone watches at a command center evening and weekends. It is not a lot of flying. but I do not have anything but good feelings about my military adventure.