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CitationShares phone interview

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Nov 9, 2005
Anyone have a phone interview/personal interview lately with CitationShares? looking for some recent info on how it went.
Phone interview? Do they phone you at 3am to see if you will show early for some pop up trip ignoring your rest requirments? And if you say "yes" you get the job? And if you keep saying "yes" you get the upgrade?

Yup it is flame bait, but how far am I off?
Actually it is not flame bait. I heard that they call and do a screening over the phone and then the assistant chief calls you and asks a few questions. If those 2 go well then they bring you in for a face-to-face interview. i'm just looking for info. from someone who has done it.
Anyone else have any 1st hand info? I read all the gouge at airlineinterviews.com and from the failure rate there it almost reminds me of UAL in the late 90's. 1 out of 5 or six getting hired...OUCH! Some guy mentioned 3rd stage clime or something...I guess I better get back in my notes and books - I'm feeling kinda stupid right about now :(
Its Just a Standard Screening

The phone interview is just a something they do to screen the applicants. It is the first way they can get to know who is applying to the company. Yes they might ask a few minor technical questions to pick your brain. But it is mostly asking questions like have you ever crashed an aircraft. Do you wear and ankle sensor and can't leave you house. It is also a time that they set up your interview date and time. Life is good here..
Hair-on-Fire said:
Go to NetJets

It's funny, 2 months ago you would have been told not to go to NetJets.
work rules, scope and vacation is power. Pay is the icing on the cake.

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