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Citation X information

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New member
Mar 1, 2002
Starting the Citation X class for EJA April 8th....can anyone tell me where to obtain the limitations and memory items for this aircraft. I contacted Flight safety in both ICT, and CMH (Witchita, Columbus), but the info I received is weak at best and I believe incomplete. Thanks in advance!

With time on my side...now,
Hey ELove - I received a packet from EJA on the Falcon 2000 with systems, memory items, and limitations for class. You might want to call them and see if they missed sending you the info that they normally send - at least for other a/c's! HF

Thanks for your response...when do you or did you start the DA-2000 class, and how far ahead of schedule did you receive the packet of info? Do you suggest I call Linda Leggit? I am sure she is real busy, as she has returned only one of my calls to confirm receipt of the contract.

I got the call for the job offer on Wednesday, Jan 30, 2002. I received a packet from them the following week, say Mon. or Tues. I hope you can find out what the deal is. The contract came with the packet of info. PM me if you wish. HF

Yeah, I received the same packet with the contract, but it contained only the SOP for the CE-750. I will call Flight Safety again, I heard that if you put a deposit down, they will send you the books. Thanks for your help, and I hope you enjoy the DA-2000, it is a real nice aircraft, and has a full time cabin attendant, so you have a real cush position!

For Citation X class,
The company should send you a Citation X study guide
Basically, if you know the Limitations and Memory items cold,
you'll have no problem getting through the class.
I think the company did away with the only day off you have during the type course.
Get ready for the fire hose treatment.
Actually this course is an endurance test.
In my opinion,
only extra thing that would help you is to learn as much as you can about the Primus 2000 system.
The course is well planned, FSI has a good track record of getting people through the type course.
As always,
Relax, Cooperate with them and you have an excellent chance to Graduate.
Thanks for the reply,

I have received some....I say again....some of the limitations, and perhaps all the memory items. I just feel that the limitations that came from Flight Safety CMH were incomplete. I believe there should be many more, but the Ten program director at FSI said that was really all I needed to know. Have the time off now and I wanted to get a real good start.


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