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Citation X cockpit size

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Well-known member
Jul 10, 2002
Hi there...

I overheard somewhere the cockpit dimensions on the Citation X are quite small, but I guess that's relative to what you compare it too.

Does anyone out there happen to have:
a) width
b) length - from bulkhead in front of rudder pedals to divider

Thanks in advance...

It's tight compared to most of it's competitors. Also. the seats are tilted toward the centerline(tough on the back). The A/C is designed with the pilot as an afterthought.
I just searched through my X manual and couldn't find any related measurements for the cockpit. Just the standard exterior and cabin dimensions are listed.

"former" 750Driver
The X cockpit is not very comfortable. Could possibly be the worst for an aircraft with its endurance. Shoulder room doesn't seem to be the problem, it's trying to find something to do with your legs. The center pedelstal is wide so you can't really spead your legs on long trips (a real bummer if you're flying with a chick.....just kidding). I know a lot of larger aircraft have foot "pegs" to prop your legs up. No such luck in the ten. If you're in the left seat there is a small space to prop your left leg up but be careful, don't knock the pass ox switch, they're a pain to re-stow. Pegs would be first on my want list, within reason. As for the tilt issue mentioned in a earlier post, the seats do recline, a little, as long as the seat isn't all the way back. It took me a year in the aircraft to figure that out. I have flown with some big guys, and with the seat all the way back and the rudder peddles all the way forward they seem to make it work.
There's more room than in a Lear though, right?
Yes F/O ... I would say it's a bit small, but not like a Learjet. There is more room than the LJ. I've done plenty of flights across country and to Hawaii in the X. It was acceptable. My biggest problem was the cockpit ingress/ egress (needed a helmet!)

It's hard to imagine a plane like the X being anywhere near as difficult as far as entry/exit and comfort are concerned.

Every time I get in or out, I feel like a contortionist in a French circus!

Some of the seats are quite "firm", and that little tail bone at the base of the spine will often become sore.

Please tell me the X is a big step up from the dues I'm paying now...
Timebuilder said:
Some of the seats are quite "firm", and that little tail bone at the base of the spine will often become sore.

When I flew Lear 35's I always compared those VERY COMFORTABLE seats ;) to those of a "Go-Cart" my friend had when we were kids... the seat was a piece of plywood... and the back was another piece of plywood at 90° to the bottom.... Oh what comfort! :rolleyes:

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