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Citation V drivers?

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New member
Nov 30, 2001
hey, I start Citation V school on Monday and was wondering if anybody out there had any tips on things to look out for in the sim? This is my first jet, and any odd handling characteristics or things that can trip you up in the sim would be helpful. Thanks for the help in advance.:confused:
The Citation family is about as straight-forward as you will come across in jets. If you are coming off King-Airs or other T-Props, or even pistons, the transition will not be especially difficult. The systems make sense, are easy to understand and work. The handling characteristics are nice - long straight wing - docile stalls, low ref.'s, and overall nice to fly. They are often called slowtations, near jets, etc....... Phooey. I've flown lears, boeings, and citations, among others. If it's hot 'n heavy with a short runway gimme the V anyday. Let's see a Lear 35 get out of 3500 ft at max gross, fly half way across the country, then land on a 3000 ft strip. I can't think of any real trip-ups in the sim other than the usual stuff. Just remember that jets are by-and-large very clean aerodynamically; you can't chop and drop like you are used to. Also, don't let the N1 speed get away from you in a climb, it likes to creep out of limits. Have fun.
Good Luck CPL.....


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