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Citation Type

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Well-known member
Jan 7, 2002
I know there was a thread on it at an earlier date, everybody had a different answer pretty much. Can somebody tell me this.. when you go to SimCom (or wherever) to get typed in the citation, what model(s) Citation are you getting typed in? I know there is a different type for the Citation Jet (525/550) (single and crew) and for the X (750), and I think for the 3/7 (650) if I'm not mistaken.


Yes, you should be able to find the thread about this topic on the search feature. The Citation 550 is actually covered in the CE-500 type rating. This type covers the 500, 501, 550, S550, 551, & 560. The single pilot waiver is additional to the type rating. The Citation Jet (CE-525) is a different type rating and there is a single pilot waiver available for this, too.

Not sure if SimCom offers this course...got mine at Flight Safety.

Good luck,

Citation type

I have a CE-500 type, but did my flight in a CE-550.

I did my type with Mike Pappas in 1990 when he was Professional Airline Systems in Carlsbad, California. He is now Flight Crew Systems, Inc. Mike is an old Western Airlines pilot and was picked up by Delta during the merger. He is also one of the most knowledgable Twotter people around. I recommend Mike Pappas highly for anyone needing a Citation type.

Good luck with getting your type.
If I'm not mistaken, the types are:

CE-500 ... the 500, 501, 550
CE-525 ... the CJs
CE-560 ... the Excel
CE-650 ... the III/VI/VII
CE-750 ... the X

I belive there'll be another soon in the form of the CE-680 for the Sovereign when it starts delivery.

If I am in any way incorrect, I'd appreciate the correction from someone more in the know than I.

Tailwinds, y'all ...


Pretty close, but: The CE-560 (Citation 5 or Ultra) is covered by the CE-500 type rating. However, the CE-560-XL (Excel) is a separate type rating.
Just a correction...ther is no single pilot waiver for the CE525. There are two type ratings, the CE525s (for single pilot ops) and the CE525 (for crew ops).

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