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Citation SIC

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Well-known member
Aug 12, 2005
What kind of flight time are people getting hired into the right seat of citations with these days?? Also what does a type rating cost for it. I know obviously that there are many different types of ciatations, but was just curious to hear what anybody knows!! thanks
Depends on the company, part of the country, etc. Some can get you on with 500 hours or so. Some need 2000 or more for insurance. Usually if you can find a 135 outfit they can get you on with 1000 hours or so, meeting ARG/US minimums.

Initial type rating course at Simuflite is $14,300. Recurrent course is $7,500. That is off the street prices. You send a bunch of people there or do business with them for a while, they'll cut you a break off of that. I believe it's cheaper at Simcom....around $10 grand I think for PIC initial in 7 days.

This is all for CE-500, 501, 550, 560 stuff. 650, 560XL, 750, 680, etc. are all different balls of wax. Much more expensive to insure, train and operate.

Thinking of buying a type? DON'T!!! Big fat waste of money if you have no time in type. Get a job and get someone else to pay for it.
Hey thanks for the info. I wasn't thinking of buying a type, just curious as to what it costs. I am looking at jumping from regionals to corporate, but was just curious as to what it would cost a future employer to train in an SIC. I looked at some of the websites but didn't see numbers

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