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Citation shares!

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Active member
Aug 9, 2005
Hey Everyone,
Just looking for some advice. Im a charter 135 guy flying king air 100/350, I have 2000TT,600 turbine, and 1200 multi and a ATP. I m trying to get into citation shares, am I competitive? How do I better my chances? Anyone with any advice?. This Charter gig is killing me. Thanks
I got hired with 2800 hours. Good thing about you is that you are flying charter now, you are in the environment that CitationShares opperates in. Keep pluggin away.
I have been trying to get an interview, word is you have to know someone on the inside to get the call

happy hunting, it seems like a great place to work

Avantair is hiring but also hard to get a call, again not what but who you know

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