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Citation Shares?

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A Pirate past 40
May 12, 2002
the Citation Shares website doesn't list what the payscale and bennies are ... as well as the schedule ... does anyone know this??? And how many planes the are getting this year?
I thought there schedule was 7 on 7 off and thought the starting pay was around 35k. I know you have to be within 90 minutes of the domicile you pick. That's what I heard or read in other posts.
The FracStats site is being remodeled, so it may be a while before it can do anyone any good. When it was up before, I don't believe there was any CitationShares info on there anyway.

I think Dep was correct about the starting FO pay. I think I saw somewhere on this board that CA pay starts at 64k, and that raises and upgrades are merit based. I also heard from a buddy that new hires are being hired on with an 8 on/ 6 off schedule.

Thanks for the info ... How about the interview process? Has any one been through it? is there a sim ride? I have seen the Fracstat website. I'm looking forward to the updated site. Thanks again.

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