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Citation Shares Interview!! Please Help!

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New member
Apr 10, 2002
Can someone help me? I may have an interview at Citation Shares in a couple of weeks, and was wonderin what the interview was like. Questions, sim ride, any tests......ect. any help you guys or gals can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Good luck

Wish I could help with you with interview information...the process has changed since I went through it.

The best advice I can give you is go in there looking absolutely perfect. Wear a business suit with a tie that is tied in a Windsor knot. Appearance and customer service mindset is almost more important than if you can and how well you can fly an airplane.

In all likelyhood you will meet with the hiring coordinator, the Chief, the VP of customer service who is a real tight guy, and who knows who else.

Dont forget to bring your sense of humor with you.

I went through the interview last week. I was told I would hear back by the end of this week.

All I can say is know part 91 and the airplane you're currently flying. Make sure your log book is in order!! The interview is on a one to one basis with various mgmt folks. I spent roughly 45 minutes with each one. No BS - just straight forward questions.

Wish me luck
Well, ah, yea......duh.

Of course you need to have your logbook and documentation ready...references would be nice too...but that is all " Interview 101" type stuff.

It used to be that they would put you in a simulator to evaluate you...not sure how they are doing the evals now.

But, dont worry...there is no 1000 question psych eval tests or the like...


Good luck.

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