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Citation Shares again?

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A Pirate past 40
May 12, 2002
Wooo Hoooo
Got the interview!!!
Does any one know what the interview at C-Shares is like and how about the company? Is it financially stable? Does Tag and Citation support it or is it an entity all it's own?
Did you make the interview? Hopefully you have and are flyin' high. What type did you get? Do you know if they are planin to put C-Xs in the program? Have you started your training yet, what is it like? All sim? real stick time? how about for recurrent? Did you send in an LOR with your resume?

.92 out
Interview went well. Offered job on the spot. 3 hours long - Dan Smith to start then CP, DO, Customer service, and others ... 5 in all. Asked to draw a system of current A/C on the black board. alot of questions on approach plates and pt 91 too. Getting 10 more a/c this year ... sovergn and the big "X" in the future too. starting in the bravo. Allready typed tho so nothing really new. They were formal but friendly ... tried hard to make you feel at ease. No sim but on the phone before the interview they mentioned we might fly in the bravo but didnt. Great bennies. "Dress Well"
1900cpt said:
Did you try netjets?? we have X's. Not sure who else is going to get them.


He/she doesn't have enough time for Netjets. 2500 minimum, current applicant pool has 5000 to 7000 hours!

1900cpt said:

my bad...didnt looj at their profile.:D


No sweat brother. I am just killing time today, day 5 of 6 in the pen!!! hahahahaha

5 of 5 for me.

I would rather fly...just had my 9 month aniversary yesterday, and only have 150hrs

They were flying my butt off in Mar, Apr, and the first 2 weeks in May. It seems lately that things have really slowed down, at least for me. I had rather fly too. The wife and kids are driving me crazy!!!!! Especially now since they are out for the summer.


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