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Citation S/II type rating question

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Smells like....
Mar 7, 2002
Just wondering what other Citation models share a common type with the S/II?

the citation 1 through 5 ultra. and Bravo and Encore are all on the CE500 rating
i knew that next time i will pay attention to what the heck I'm writting.
Thanks for the correction
Thanks guys. Just so I have it straight then...

The CE-500 type covers the I, II, S/II, IV, V, Bravo, Encore.

Or is there even a Citation IV? And are the V and V Ultra different birds or are the names just used interchangeably?
Clarification of Citation Type Ratings

CE-500 Type Rating = Citation 500, I, II, SII, V, Ultra, Encore, Bravo

CE-650 Type Rating = Citation III, VI, VII

CE-560XL Type Rating = Citation Excel

CE-525 Type Rating = CitationJet, CJ1, CJ2

CE-750 Type Rating = Citation X

I think thats all of them.
Just out of curiousity - does anyone know where the Soverign is going to fall? It's an XL derivient isn't it?


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