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Citation S/II Info

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Mar 20, 2002
If anyone knows anything about the CE-S550 (Citation S/II) your knowledge would be appreciated. I've just been hired into the right seat of one, but only know the basic stats about the bird. Thanks.
What do you want to know. We are currently operating an SII. Good A/C. If this is your first jet, it is a good one to get into. It has good performance, and the systems are a good intro into turbine aircraft systems. Send me a PM if you want to know anything else.

Let us know what you are looking for. I fly one and can get you info if you need it.
Good luck!
i have been given the Flight Safety manual on the s550, so this should be enough as far as simple POH info, but i'm looking for more information on the quirks of the aircraft. how is it in icing?, what altitudes seem to be the best combination of speed and economy?, any maintenance issues or things to pay particularly close attention to. you know, things that only people who have experience with the aircraft know. myself and the other pilot will essentially be running the flight department, (including maintenance), so i want as much info as i can get. thanks again for your replies.
SII Rules!

My first jet. It was a love/hate relationship. Great family wagon for penny pinching company or tight wad rich dude. Can't help with the specifics/numbers since it was many braincells ago that I flew it. Short range plane. Ideal for Newyak to Flauwrida. Summers are brutal. No APU and a large greenhouse windscreen add up to fun in the sun. I've never sweated so much in any other plane. You will suffer from acute APU envy. As others mentioned, it's the perfect first jet....other than creature comfort. Systems are simple, cockpit will probably have familiar round guages and easy to read engine indication ribbons. The best thing is, if you're shooting for an airline, as far as they're concerned, jet time is jet time. They don't care what kind of bizjet you have flown. They most likely won't have a clue. Nail 1000 hrs PIC of that action as quick as you can.

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