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Citation Excel FMS

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Nov 26, 2001
Anybody out there familiar with the Excel FMS. I've been teaching and flying the Primus 2000 equipment in the DO-328, and I was wondering how similar the Excel FMS is to the 328 FMS. Does it have hold capabilities? Does it have any approach capability? I mean are approaches in the FMS or do they have to be built? Any info anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated.

EJA's XL's have a single Primus 1000 with a three-tube display. Has holding function, and most approaches are in the database. It's a very nice setup.
To clarify what tdvalve stated...EJA's Excel avionics package is Primus 1000. The FMS is a Honeywell FMZ.

Most corporate operaters have 1 or 2 Universal UNS-1s installed. EJA selected the FMZ because it is the same unit used in the C750 and Hawkers that we operate. I have not seen the FMS in the 328 so I can't comment on any similarities.

Both the Honeywell FMZ and Universal FMS have holding and approach capability. including drawing the patterns on the MFD.
Thanks alot for the info. The 328 has the FMZ series also. I just wanted to prepare if the FMS was going to be alot different. Sounds like it should be no problem. Thanks again.

Are you headed to EJA?

It's good that you want to prepare, but it depends on where you are doing your simulator training. Flight Safety ICT and TOL both have the Universal FMS in their simulators. Flight Safety (EJA) at CMH has the only simulator with the FMZ. If you are typed at ICT or TOL you will have to "temporarily" learn the UNS-1. The Excel sim in CMH is also the only one with rudder bias.

Good luck :D
Yep, I'm headed to EJA. Cant wait to get started. I go to indoc on Feb. 4th and sim March 8 in CMH. So it looks like I'll get to train with the FMZ system like I'm used to. Got the SOP's in the mail, not much different than what I've been doing. I'll just have to change the wording a little bit, but it's pretty standard to what I've seen in the past. I'm curious to find out about memory items and limitations, but they didnt send that. Hope to see all you folks soon.

Thanks again for the info.


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