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Citation 550 pay

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Jun 9, 2005
Heard through the grapevine I might be gettin a shot at a full time 91 corp gig and was wondering if anyone can give me some numbers as far as pay for the right seat in a citation II. Its a good stable company and the aircraft is essential to the business.

about 400 hrs year
not sure about hard days off
maybe 4 overnights a month.
Trips 50% scheduled 50% pop-up, but on call all the time.
1 aircraft 2 pilot flight department.

I was thinkin 35-40k with 2 hard weekends off wouldn't be bad to start.
I was going to say 38k to start, especially if you aren't typed, so I think you are in the ballpark.
I flew a 550 part 91 a coupe of years ago. I started on a 6 month trial basis without a type at $35K per year. Got typed and got a raise to $38K. After 1 year I got a raise to $45K. I was stuck at $45K for 3 more years. We flew about 150 to 200 hours per year. I was on call 24/7. I lived in a small town in central FL.

I hope this helps.
I was in you shoes about six years ago and started with 35 and them moved to 40 and then 45 after a year. I would ask for 40 with a type rating during your initial training. That would be very reasonable. If they are not providing benefits, include another 20%.


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