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Cirrus Training Materials

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Well-known member
Jan 28, 2003
Looking for some training materials on the Cirrus (SR-20 and 22). I'm already familiar with the Avidyne system and I have a POH, so i need something that goes into details on procedures and systems mostly. Apparerently it's not in the budget to send me to school on the airplane, so I have to be self taught. Thanks.
I'd just spend some time with the POH and the Avidyne supplement.

First, I'd memorize the checklists, from preflight to shut down including all emergency checklists, etc. Are you still going to use the paper checklist? Of course, but at least that will give you an idea of how things go when SHTF.

Second, I'd spend time in the systems section of the POH and all the supplements.

Plug the cart into the plane and spend some time getting familiar and playing with the avidyne. Put in a flight plan, then change it (simulating changing clearances), etc.

I'm sure you can "self teach" most simple singles without too much trouble.

Yeah, I flew an SR-20 today with no problem. That thing is a breeze to fly. I think you could put a low timer in one with a conventional cockpit and they'd be able to fly it off the bat. Like I said I already know the Avidyne system pretty well (been teaching in equipped airplanes for about 6 months now), I was just looking for something with a good systems description. (i.e. Cirrus systems for dummies).

I do have a POH now and will be sitting down with it tomorrow. If I still have questions I'll go borrow the mx manuals from our mechanics.
Cirrus has all of that info on their website.

You can download it in .pdf format and browse at your own pleasure. Enjoy the Cirrus :)

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