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CHQ SEP 13/14 interview and the pool

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Winter is Coming!!!
Aug 13, 2005
Has anyone gotten an actual training date or just a vague hiring pool letter like myself. I'm trying to get info from CHQLOUNGE but still have'nt received an activation email after 3 days.

Take care
it might take awhile....mine took 10 days before the letter came..good luck
I got a letter for the hiring pool after 16 days, but just wondering if anyone has gotten a date of training or anything other than a letter saying "we have selected you for the pool of pilots we are considering for employment."

Also if anyone has any idea how long it takes to get activated at CHQLOUNGE in order to read posts I'd be appreciative.

Good Luck to all...
I interviewed on the 13th and got the letter, but no training date. I did here, however, that as soon as they get the shuttle saab pilots transitioned over the classes will begin. It sounds like it should not be too long.
dont believe everything you hear..i was in the 145 class that was cancelled for sept 22....there are some "things" going on right now with the shuttle transition and ill leave it at that....however i wouldnt call it soon as of yet...put your floaties on boys you might be swimmin for awhile
Only one guy from the August 23rd interview has a class date so far, and that was for a short notice, "be here in 3 days" class that started last Tuesday. So in other words, don't hold your breath - I finally exhaled several weeks ago, still waiting patiently.

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