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CHQ says NO! to Jets4Jobs

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Mar 14, 2002
Congrats! to the CHQ pilots for telling the USAirways MEC what they can do with their J4Js scam. Let this be a lesson to mainline pilot groups everywhere - work with your regional partners. Don't dictate to them. Lets start working on this solution together!

Again way to go CHQ pilots!

Good move on the part of the CHQ pilots. But, it ain't over till the fat lady sings. There's two or maybe 3 outfits that haven't voted yet.

Then you have to worry about the WO's. Who's "the weakest link"?
What do you mean, "worry about the wholly-owneds???" WO pilots dont deserve tp fly any RJs in USAirways colors, I suppose? Let their companies die, so I can get more.....is that your motto?
We all know who the weakest links at the WO are. In the end it will probably be a bankruptcy judge shredding scope and then MESA getting all the RJ flying
My question is, why do the people that are barely making any money have to accept a 3% paycut if a certian airline gets jets.

Not sure if that is reality a this point but it sure dont make any scents.

Us regional FO's arent costing anybody that much money as it is.
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Surplus1 wrote: There's two or maybe 3 outfits that haven't voted yet.

And Mesa being one of them.
Belive Mesa Management wants it, but the question is: Will Mesa Pilots vote in favor of Management when they ( management ) is creating a alter ego of their own: Freedom AL (that has a Mesa FO sa assistent chief-pilot........) trying to split Mesa apart from one side and might try to use CCair to split Mesa up from another side? (Mesa is also in contract negotiations.)
Will they ( pilots ) support Management without conditions about Freedom AL / CCair?

Chill buddy. I think FR8mastr knows what I meant by the "weakest link" ...... there's one "regional" MEC out there that's not doing the right thing.

IMO, the WO's should get any new jets bought by U. All of them until everyone has a seat, and all the U pilots are recalled. They should not have to abrogate their seniority to do it or make any other contractual concessions. J4J is a lousy deal for anyone. There are better ways.

After that I don't mind the subcontractors, but none of them should have to accept J4J either. It abrogates seniority, its a bad deal and it should NOT happen. IMO, anyone that signs on to that deal is hurting every regional pilot in the business.

I'm not against the U pilots being recalled or getting jobs in the new jets, but not that way. It's just plain wrong.


The MESA guys (including CCAir) should NOT do this either. Makes no difference it there is Freedom or no Freedom. Don't sell yourselves on this lousy deal. You never, never ever give up anything you have to "get another airplane"! If management wants the airplane, they'll buy it and you don't have to pay for it in any way. Only sucker pilots pay for airplanes.

As for the Potomac/MDA thing, that's no different from Freedom. It just has a different owner. Its wrong, it shouldn't happen, it violates the union's Constitution and the Duty of Fair Representation. If DW signs that letter he ought to be tarred and feathered.

So its time for ALPA to step up to the plate and do the right thing. The same applies to the UMEC. It is not right to get furloughed pilots recalled by stepping on other union members to do it. No if's no and's no but's.

TSA has been holding the line so far and needs to continue to do just that.

Any regional pilot anywhere that accepts that deal is hurting every other regional pilot. It is time to stand up and be counted.

Sorry if that ruffles somebody's pin feathers but that's how I see it. ALPA and the UMEC have every opportunity to make a fair deal and any fair deal must include the WO's without abrogation of their seniority or their contracts.

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