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CHQ and commuting

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Winter is Coming!!!
Aug 13, 2005
Do reserve pilots have to live within a certain distance from their base, like Comair? I was hoping I could commute until I can a hold a seat in CMH...provided I get the job :)

You can commute from Abu Dhabi if you so choose. There is a commuter clause in the contract.

Your requirement is to respond to the call within 20 minutes and to be at the airport within 90.
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Commuting seems to be pretty easy. Provided you are offered a job and are assigned the E170, you will not have a problem holding CMH. It is the most junior base on the E170. Crew Planning is having a hard time finding FO's to be based there. Now, Capts and FA's is another story, WAY senior. I'm not sure how CMH E145 base is.

I will have to say the best lines for now seem to be in ORD for Commuting. I have a 1600 show time on Tuesday. With that said, I still bidded and will be based in CMH starting OCT 1.

Good Luck!

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