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China AIrlines in Anchorage

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New member
Nov 25, 2001

A China Airlines airbus took off on a taxiway in Anchorage Alaska. It was early morning but visibility was good. The taxiway was between 6000-7000 feet long and the aircraft left tire impressions in a snow bank at the end of the runway. The taxiway was 90 degrees from the departure runway. 250 on board. Talk about a brain fart.
I think this is the same airline that lost two airbuses A300-600R.
within a year or so, whats wrong with those poeple.
don't trash the pilots too hastily, I do remenber US major airlines landing in the carribean on the wrong runway, wrong airport in beautiful vfr day, and doing it twice in a week.
beeing too relax in the cockpit leads to mistakes,and we are all humans.
A Korean DC-10 taxied out in Anchorage fog in 83 and departed RW24R when cleared to RW32. They ran over a South Central Navajo that was in position RW 6L. The DC-10 rotated early with the nosewheel tearing off the roof of the Navajo and then ran off the end of 24R. No fatalities!
Mixing blue lights with white lights????????? Come on............I want to know what happened to the FO to let the captain do something like that.Maybe the captain spent too much time at the Bush Co. the night before.
It's very much a culture thing in Asian airlines, because of their general culture of not arguing with authority. ICAO has been working very hard in teaching CRM techniques, but in most of the time they have very autocratic cockpits. You simply don't argue with (or speak up to) the captain!

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