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Chicago Express Website or Fax #?

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Active member
Jan 31, 2002
Does anyone know how to get to their website? When I go it says it is under construction. Where should I forward my resume? I have 1850/150, do I have a chance?
I ran a simple search using Hotbot and came up with this link.


It appears this link is working just fine unlike the main website.

I heard from recruitment that they prefer people above 1500 hrs. You may have a chance of getting that interview with your time but keep in mind they probably have over 1500 resumes on their desk.

Good Luck.

I do not know much about Chicago Express. I tried going to the main site from that link you put out. Do you have info. on the airline. I saw something on there about ATA. I was just curious about: equipment, bases, you know, things like that...
I don't know much about them other than general info. I've shot them a couple resumes and haven't heard anything. Chicago would be a great place to be based. There are some old threads with info about Chicago Express within the last couple months.

Anybody know if there is a training contract with them?

Do you still have to pay for the interview?

Resume Fax number and info.

Guys & Gals,
The fax number for sending resumes is 773-948-8020 ATTN: Dan Heneghan.

The stated minimums are 1,100 Total Time with 100 Multi-Engine. I was hired with 1710 Total Time with 115 ME.

Once called for an interview, they will let you know within one week after the interview if they want you to go for a sumulator/pysch evaluation with American Flyers. Yes, you pay the cost of this which is $250. Within one week of your screening with American Flyers, HR will call and offer you a spot in their pilot pool or not. Within a few weeks you will then be offered a class date.

The Route Structure has a pricnciple hub out of Chicago's Midway Airport and operates 80 flights a day serving the following cities: Grand Rapids, Michigan. Des Moines, Iowa. Dayton, Ohio. Indianapolis, Indiana. Springfield, Illinois. Madison, Wisconsin. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. South Bend, Indiana.

The Fleet currently consist of 10 Saab 340Bs and they are awaiting 8 more.

Training is paid on an hourly guarantee plus a $450 housing allowance. They do not house you during training.

I hope this answers all your questions.
Some Info:

1) Great place to work. Good management and a great group of people. They fly Saab 340B's.

2) Based out of Midway, about to add several more cities in the next few months, as well as an ongoing rumor of more aircraft. The aircraft rumor is not really a rumor, since they have been hiring like crazy and will need extra aircraft for all these crews.

3) Wholly owned by Amtran, the parent company that owns ATA (American Trans Air)

4) Upgrade likely to be more than 3-6 months, but the movement at Chicago Express/ATA connection will be faster than most places. My class started in November and were told to expect to upgrade by late summer. Who knows, who cares. In a market like this I'm thankful to work for such a good company.They have been running upgrade classes for the past few months and I believe there will be some more, whihc allows everyone to move up the food chain.

5) There is no pay for training. You are paid from the first day of ground school.

Good luck!
Pay scales:

1st year FO.....$19.55/hr
2nd yr FO........$22.75/hr

1st yr. CPT.......$39.51/hr
2nd yr CPT........$40.86

Per diem is a straight 25.00 dollars for every night spent away from MDW.

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