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Chicago Express Sim Evaluation

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Mar 1, 2002
Any Chicago Express pilots or new hires that could give some information regarding the simulator evaluation?

- Where did the evaluation take place?

- What type of simulator is used?

- What did the evaluation entail?

- Is it possible to practice on the simulator before taking the evaluation?

Any help regarding the simulator evaluation or interview process is greatly appreciated!
I did it Aug.2000 it was at American Flyer at PWK, Frasca ,basic air work, An ILS or two,VOR tracking and a hold if I remember right.
yes you can come in and practice before your eval. but you have to pay for it. sim eval is very easy, but is long, about 1.7-2.0 hours in the sim.

Sim ride is at American Flyers. It is a Frasca 131 sim. I had to do basic attitude stuff, 2 DME holds off a VOR, 1 ILS, Missed Approach back to shoot 2nd ILS, failed glide slope on me and I shot a localizer approach with wind shear. Sim ride lasts for about 1.5 to 2hrs. You have to pay the cost of the sim ride and it is around $275.
Hope this helps...Good luck!
just to clarify something it is a frasca 141, and the ride is easy as long as your instrument skills are up to speed. its laid back, but its long. if you want a time in it before your eval, i would suggest doing so. i the price runs soemwhere around 110 an hour. expensive, but worth it if you dont have the time in a frasca 141.
Thanks for all the input - it's a big help.

I had someone PM me saying that American Flyers give you a choice of airplane to "fly" for the evaluation - a Bonanza or C-310. Did any of you have the same experience?

Also, do they use the approaches that Chicago Express flys or are these just random approaches that they choose?

Again, thanks for the help!
okay i cant talk much about it, cause im the one that gives the chicago express eval at american flyers. the only thing ill tell is that its set up as a bonanza A-36, its a single throttle quadrent on the frasca 141, so we dont have multi engine set up. hope this helps, but i do reccomend to come in before and get some dual in the sim before your eval.
What airport do they set you up at to do your approaches, holding, etc....Chicago? I have access to a F141 at the school I work at, but wanna know which approaches to practice and familiarize myself with....THANK YOU

Hi....go to aviationinterview.com and search for Chicago Express....got the entire gouge on the interview/sim process....good luck

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