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Chicago Express Airlines

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I love Bro...,but I go RJ
Nov 26, 2001
Anyone know how to send Chicago Express a resume? I've looked on their website and can't find any info on this.
Hiring plans at C8...

As of July 2002, Chicago Express has finished hiring pilots for the near future. Pilot hiring will resume dependent on possible attrition this fall and winter (cross your fingers). Keep your ear tuned to this message board and definately submit a resume again when hiring resumes. From what I have gathered, the HR folks do like to see applicants update their resumes periodically. It shows that you are still interested in the company and are continuing to advance in your career. i.e. logging more hours

Good luck!
Radialboy was correct, make sure you keep updating your resume with Chicago Express every six months or so. It really shows that you are interested. You just missed the spring hiring boom, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it start back up in the Fall/Winter. I also believe that you can e-mail you're resume to chicago express using the following: [email protected] (Not completely sure!) You can always call them at their Corporate Offices and find out the address/email. Their Main number is 773.948.8017. Hope this helps!


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