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Cherry Air

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May 19, 2002



1st yr FO Base & Mileage/Hourly

1st yr Capt. Base & Mileage/Hourly

Per Diem


Upgrade Times

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Lears and Falcon 20's. I made 28,000 my first year, 48,000 the second year. I think the scedule is 5 on 2 off, 12 on 3 off or something like that. Upgrade varies, due to Sept 11. It used to average about a year or less. It is your typical cargo company. Perdiem is 24 dollars a day. You will spend a lot of time sitting on the road.
Forgot the contracts
1yr for co-pilot , it used to be 6,000"non prorating"
2yr non -prorating. It has been as low as 14,500 and as high as 21,000. Mabe a current Cherry pilot will give you the newest info.
Cherry has lear 25's & falcon 20's.Based at ADS.
1st year fo base 18K and .05 per mile,$24 per diem
1st year capt 30K and .07 year
The schedule is back to a 21 and 7.
raises have been frozen and no more company matched 401K
Fo contract is for 1 year,can't remember $$
capt is for 2 years,nothing prorated and 19K for lears and I
think 21K for the falcon.Lots of time on the road.As far as upgrades,don't know.
Is the mileage an either/or thing? My current company you get mileage or gaurantee, which ever is higher.

Also, do you share hotel rooms?
You don't share rooms. You get the salary regardless if you fly or not. You only get mileage if you fly the miles.

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