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Cherry Air hiring pilots

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Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
Cherry Air will be hiring 7 co-pilots. They fly Falcon 20's and Lears out of Addison TX....
Chief Pilot is Damon Cooper
Number is 972-739-0724
Fax is 972-739-0725
Why would they hire a 1200 hours pilot to fly a corporate jet when everybody else is asking for 5000 and 2000 multi-turbine???

Are they running a 21/7 or 5/2 schedule?

Do they own those cargo MU-2's sitting on the ramp? They've been there for a while and don't appear to be going anywhere.
Those Mu-2's are not cherry's.The lear guys are on a 21 and 7.The falcon crews are still on 5/3 and 11/2.Just had a class of 5 lear fo's.If there hiring its gonna be in the falcons.They do hire with 135 mins.The last class and one right from instructing.The pay isn't that good,its frieght,you will be on the road alot and not always flying,maintence isn't that good.etc,etc.If your coming from another 135 cargo outfit it might not be that bad,but if your coming from a corporate enviroment you'll probably hate it.Its just a place to get some good time and go,suck it up and drive on.

Can you PM with the explanations?? I'm considering applying if they want low timers (I got 1100 now, fly about 100 a month instructing). I'd like to know more before I do anything though.


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