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Checked Baggage while jumpseating?

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Apr 17, 2004
Are there any extra fees incurred when jumpseating and checking in 1 peice of luggage that's not a carry-on?
Checked bag?

Why would you need to check a bag if jumpseating? Jumpseating normally is for commuting, are you packing for a week? If the cabin/overhead is full, I use the "Deadhead Crew" tag (supplied by the company). Rampers will place your bag on the jetway at your destination. I've never run into a problem with my overnight bag (Flightcase left in the crew lounge).
Sometimes I gate check a bag if jumpseating on a RJ. The bins are not that big and are usually full since you are usually the last person to get on.
To answer your question, yes you can check baggage. No, it doesn't cost anything. I just did it yesterday w/ 2 bags. You get standby tags on it, so if you don't get on, your bags won't either
Im a schmo and I dont know jack about jumpseating. What exactly is it? Where do you sit? Do you have unlimited jumpseats to use whenever? Can you use them for vacations or just work commuting? Are they free? Please bear with me Im a newb to this.
Thx a bunch. I love it when people put things in simple terms. I LOVE your avatar thats some hot shat. I wish I could make the pic bigger. And by the way why are they shatty for vacations, do you get bumped if the flights full or something?
nice avatar!...how has that not been censored yet?!
It depends on the airline, I've always asked someone at the ticket counter the actual policy before checking bags. I've checked large boxes on USAirways, United, and NWA in the past 3 years as I've used them as my personal "moving company" when bouncing from base to base with crashpad essentials. Also keep in mind that FedEx will give a 75% discount to most airline crew members when it absolutely positively has to be there!

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