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Check out www.climbto350.com new look

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Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
Just visited the www.climb350.com and the new look it has. If you want to view a job within 72 hours you can get a membership. Pilots & Flight Engineers - Yearly Membership $79.00. Interesting what has gone on with this site. I guess I will be waiting the 72 hours.
Me Too

I'm getting really tired of paying for stuff. I'm probably being let go at my present company. I find out for sure in a couple of days. I guess I'll fix myself another drink.
I cancelled my membership to AEPS today after about 8 months and not one nibble from their service.

I have also instituted a new policy concerning them and companies like what climbto350.com just did. Boycottttt!!!!

Every job I have ever had in aviation came from networking and I have not had to pay a dime for that. That is one thing that this board is so good at doing. Spreading the word.

I think that there should be a portion on this site where those of us who know about jobs should post them for our fellow pilots. I would then gladly give donations to help keep this board going and site back and smile while the pay-for services watch their membership dry up.

What do you think?

I guess companies like 350 feel it is time to rape the poor guys who are without a flying job. Best way to get them is to refuse to do business with their sponsors. I guess the next thing to raise its ugly head will be that deplorable "pft" thing. The only sure thing is this board. They are not charging, but they sure need financial help to continue to help all of us.
The rape of pilots by taking advantage of the events of 9-11. Here is the e-mail they sent to be when I questioned them about their practices. My feelings:BOYCOTT CLIMBTO350.COM!!!!!

THE NEW E-MAIL ADDY IS [email protected]

With 90k in the backend and employers complaining because they are getting in
an excess of 500 resumes in one hour. They wasn't much choice. Our email
address is on the site map page.

Chris Taylor

:eek: :mad:

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