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Cheap Private Jet Flights – A Guide to finding one way, empty leg and dead-head jet c

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New member
Nov 23, 2017

In the private jet charter industry, the term cheap private jet flights are relative. To the average person, a cheap private jet flight is a $99 one-way they found on Southwest or Jet Blue. But for private jet charter flights, the term cheap flight means finding a one-way, empty leg or dead-head flight.

However, whatever term you want to use when talking about a cheap private jet charter flight doesn’t matter, yet knowing how to find, create and book a cheap charter flight does!

Not all the private charter flights you purchase are empty leg flights, but this guide will help you know when to look for one. One way help you save money on your private jet charter flight enabling you to fly on a private jet for a price better than fair market value. The best way to take advantage of these cheap flights, it is important to know how the private jet charter industry works and what the traffic patterns look like in a market that is conducive to buying and selling empty leg flights.

Dependent upon the duration of your jet charter trip, the charter flight may require that your aircraft flies home while you are enjoying your stay and then return empty to fly you home. When this happens, the aircraft generally flies home empty. That is how an empty leg or deadhead is created. A savvy charter agent will recognize this and can market that leg for sale. This sale is known as a one-way charter flight.

One way charter flights are cheapest when the charter flight consumer has the same routing as the aircraft's return flight. But if you don’t know your air charter agent well, you may never see the benefit of these sales, you may not even be aware when a sale has taken place. We recommend that you find an air charter agent that you trust and develop a relationship. This will help ensure that you receive the best prices for your jet charter flights.

We also recommend the new trend of travel websites that cater to the demands of the new air traveler who is after cheap private jet flights. Such sites as FlyPriva, www.flypriva.com, are constantly providing listings of real-time empty leg flights ? thus making it possible for you to enjoy the thrill of private jet flying at prices that are up to 75% off the normal commercial air tickets.

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