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Chautauqua crew bases?

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I don't work for CHQ, but I have a friend who does, and they are:


MCO will open on the DL side soon. There were once RIC and IND bases but I'm not sure they're still around.

Good luck ...


You're right on.

CHQ also still has PIT and FWA as Saab domiciles. I think that both will be closed within a few months, as there are only four TP destination still served by CHQ, including PIT and FWA and those are EAS cities, I believe.

Jet domiciles
LGA, BOS, RIC, PHL, CMH, and IND are all US.
CMH also is a base for HP
STL is a base for AAC
and MCO will become a base for DL sometime this fall.

Note that CMH doubles as a domicile for HP and US. To the best of my knowledge, I think the lines are mixed together, but am not sure. Someone else may be able to give a better response to that. RIC and CMH opened as crew bases because the company was overnighting multiple aircraft there and it eventually became more cost effective to make it into a domicile to save on hotel costs. Any other questions, post 'em up.

Thanks for the responses,

Does CHQ have anyone on furlough? I heard 200 new pilots by fall this year? Any truth to that?
The lines in CMH are intermixed with us and hp lines. Hence the CHQ hat brace and wings. The hp trips are rumored to be much better then the us ones with a few overnights. The hp staff really take good care of the crews and jets. Most crews refer to us flying as the "dark side" with few overnights and horrible support from us staff. I am currently LGA based and reside in FL, so I am very excited about the new code share.

There are people in training now that were recalled. I think their original hire dates were from June or July last year. The last class hired was in early August of last year and they haven't been recalled yet. Hope that helps.
Hey Biff!!

Any word on how many are looking to move down to the South Side of the CHQ ranch when it opens? Do you think it will go more Junior or Senior? Wanting to see what the sentiment on the line is.


In Lga I count seven CA's that are pretty senior, and about six or seven FO's. As far as PHL, maybe two or three, IND might have a couple go down same with CMH. But the real question that keeps me up at night is, what about the rumors of IND and CMH doing the flying in FL initially? And how many CA's gonna take a pay cut? Something to think about.....
Good to hear

I guess that means there will be some movement around the system then. I wouldn't expect too many Captains to want to go there with the reduced pay, unless of course that we get one scale for all three jets. FO's might be a different story. As for IND and CMH doing the intitial flying, I haven't heard that one.


P.S. Read on V1rotate that J4J got voted down.
There's still around 30 of us that are still on furlough at CHQ. Last indication I heard was early fall before the next round of callbacks. As for 200 new pilots, I wouldn't hold my breath, that sounds like more of a joke than a rumor. From what I've heard everything is on hold at the moment to see if Airways gets their gov't money or not. But then again, this is the airline world.....Who Knows What's Going On?

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