Charter Pilot Work Rules??


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Dec 1, 2001
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At ACA right now the company is planning to start a charter operation and we have on the table a LOA which would modify our pay rates and work rules. Getting a 25% pay bump is nice but the changes in work rules have a lot of people ready to vote no on this thing. So I'm hoping that some pilots from larger charter operations could post some info about their work rules as it pertains to days off, max duty time etc. It would be nice to have a basis of comparison to what we have on the table.


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Nov 30, 2001
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I don't know if this helps much, but the FAR 121 Supplemental section (flight time limitations) is relatively short. I'm not sure if that's what you would operate under but here are the references:

121.500 - 121.525

Not all those apply. You'll notice a big difference in required rest. Rest is treated a lot differently than scheduled 121. You don't have all of the equations like needing 9,10,or 11 hours of rest depending on what you are scheduled for, or the reduced and compensatory rest like the domestic side either. The rules are different. Also, depending on where you are flying, international supplemental stuff may come into play, where there essentially is no max duty day (per the regs.). You still have the standard 24 hours off every 7 days and max flying time for month and year.

The schedules can be essentially the same as your normal schedules. Depending upon the kinds of charters you are running, if they are the type scheduled far in advance (like vacation travel groups), then you have a better chance at bidding and knowing schedules half way through the month prior to your bid-month. That's the way it works at Champion anyways, where our main business is vacation wholesale. Sports teams are another possibility, and generally will have their stuff set up in advance. Then you have the last minute stuff that they either use reserve guys to fill or call up guys on their days off. This is flying usually that another charter company has subbed out or things like hauling fire fighters/rescue workers to an fire/accident.

Often on charters, the group that has chartered you provides their own catering or contracts the airline to get better than the usual. That's when the flight crews usually make out big, with a good meal. I have had some great meals on the sports team charters. The other thing that charters due is break up the monotony of flying the same routes all the time. And in many cases you have empty legs to position to or from the charters, so the stress is off in terms of dealing with boarding, pa's etc.

Hope some of that helps. Good luck on making the decision