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Chart cases, which do you use?

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Nov 9, 2004
My old flight bag is trashed so I was thinking of getting a chart case. Which do you guy's use. I have seen some of your nylon cases, how do you like them and where to get? I don't think I want a leather case.

I think I heard this same question from the same person on another site. It's still the flight bag, much cooler! (pilot80)
I used the nylon one with the wheels when I was at Airnet. Got it at Staples and it held up well. The wheels worked out beautifully when JetAviation in TEB would park us 2 miles from the door.
P80 are you following me around? How's the lear, talk to you tonight.

Thanks Starchecker I am going to Office Max/staples to check it out.
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What can I say, the lear is great! It has a little better performance than the van, and I have a captain to take the blame for my mistakes. I also like the fact that I get paid a little more than before while only working 4 nine hour days as opposed to 5 twelve hour days.

How's phl? you close to the jet. Once you get into the jet you won't need the flight bag anymore.

Good luck on your purchase!
Office Depot, catalog case $29.99, 1 YR and still in great shape! Looks just like a Jepp without the logo..
skyhwk74 said:
Office Depot, catalog case $29.99, 1 YR and still in great shape! Looks just like a Jepp without the logo..
...until the bottom falls out and your charts hit the floor, or you roll it through water and the cardboard that it's made up of falls apart...

Metal Flight Bag

It's not great, but after testing out the staples magazine case, IMO this one will hold up longer.

Flight Case

I went through two of those $30 Office Depot flight cases in one year. The handle broke off on both. I didn't have that much weight in them either. Went with the $80 Samsonite flight case from Tally Ho. It has pockets on both ends. I've had it close to a year now. Happy with it so far.


I have bought a rollong bag for 90.00 5yrs ago. I wish I had all the frequent flyer miles the bag has. It has help up great and still lok good. It weighs 27lbs loaded so it does get a good stress test of the construction. That is also a good site for suit cases etc.......................
I Second E-bags.com

I bought a case for $70 last week, so I can't really give you a good report, but for the price, it's not bad. Not to mention the free shipping. I'm not sure of the name, but I did a search on the homepage for "pilot" and it came up with some of the rolling laptop cases. Leather, nylon, etc.

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