Changing the SWA pool list..


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Nov 27, 2001
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Hello poolies and others..

I would like to ask you guys/gals a few questions in the hopes of providing a better service to the members of the pool..

Is the pool list in its current form easy to figure out?

Is the lists format providing you with a picture of whats going on with the class dates and where you are in the process?

Are the updates to the pool list often enough?

Would it be better to have it in some other date order?

Any suggestions that could improve its value to you?

The reason the list was started was to provide info that was a better indicator of what was going on besides that which could be gotten from Dallas..

As new info has been released and the hiring has increased the picture of the process that the pool list has provided has changed.

I would like for it to continue to be a good resourse for those waiting to go to class and any suggestions are very welcome..



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Nov 25, 2001
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AwaitingSWA posted this:

I talked to Jennifer yesterday. I brought up the fact that some of my friends who had interviewed months after me had gotten classes already (they had their types before the interview). She said 1) if you have your type before the interview, they use your interview date, 2) if you don't have your type before the interview, they use your type date. She said there are some other factors that they consider but she wouldn't elaborate on those.

With that is mind, maybe make the "Pool date" the later of the type or interview date instead of what you ahve now. I think it will put people in a more accurate order to be called. There will still be the "other factors" but it's the best we can do without planting a bug in her office!

Thanks again for managing the list and congrats on the class date. Hope to follow you soon!


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Nov 25, 2001
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I tend to agree with Magic. I think the "pool date" or "letter date" simply just represents the date all your "paperwork" ended up on the same desk in the People Dept and got the "seal of approval." While that was certainly an important date for US, I'm not sure it's all that important to Jennifer et al. I think that once you are "in the pool," your actual class date is primarily determined by the later of the interview/type dates, with "ties" being broken by who did the other event earliest.

I also asked her about this stuff once, and she wouldn't tell me what the "other factors" were either, but I'm pretty sure they have a few "diversity" programs at work there, and you may also get a small "bonus" for getting the type first, like maybe you get moved up a little in the flow. No way for us to guess at that stuff, but I think the type/interview date is the key. For two guys whose "latest event" is the same date, I suspect the one with the type earliest gets the nod, and if two guys are otherwise "equal," the one with the earlier interview probably does.

I think that when we start to see more Feb class dates, the picture will get clearer and easier to predict.


Jan 13, 2002
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the list

I think xherc's idea is a good one, but are you looking for someone to take this list over? I figure one of us unemployed types will have more time than a SWA FO like yourself;)