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Changes to the PTS

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Nov 25, 2001
From the AOPA site. (you are already a member, aren't you?)

>>AOPA analysis reveals significant changes to the FAA Practical Test Standards
July 26 — Beginning in August, applicants for private pilot, commercial pilot, and flight instructor certificates will have to meet new, revised FAA standards during the checkride. The revised Practical Test Standards (PTS) become effective for private and commercial pilot licenses and for flight instructors on August 1.

AOPA's Aviation Services department has conducted an analysis of the changes and prepared a side-by-side comparison. AOPA strongly advises flight instructors and applicants to thoroughly read the new PTS, paying extra attention to "Introduction" and "Notes" sections.


There are clickable links on their page for additional info. Read this, and begin to immediately train to the revised standards.

I read that the 2 new maneuvers for the commercial cert are a steep spiral and a 180 degree power off precision turn to approach or something like that.
Yes. All of the changes are explained.

Also, this topic was posted in the "general" area. I added links to the AOPA website for info.
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