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Mar 9, 2002
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Hey All!!

Here's a question I have that may or may not have an easy answer to it. What I want to know is: Does a renewal of your medical certificate constitute as a notification of change of address, if the address on the new medical is your new address??

Just to be more specific, I haven't flown in a few years, and decided lately I want to start up again. I recently moved from my last address to my current one about 9 months ago, which was the address that was listed on both my expired medical and pilot certificate. Just last week, I renewed my medical in preparation for my biennial flight review I have scheduled next week. I disclosed my new address when I filled out the paperwork beforehand, and when my medical was issued, contained the new address. Is this good enough as far as the FAA is concerned?

I haven't been able to find any information regarding this scenario anywhere. Only thing I have found is to submit IN WRITING the new change of address to the FAA. Actually, this brings up another point. In searching the FAA website, they list in their FAQs that it is OK to EMAIL the FAA of your address change, but the link they posted only has the form to fill out, print, and mail in to them.

Anyone have any experience, knowledge, or advice on my situation?? Any help would be appreciated!!



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Nov 25, 2001
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14 CFR Part 61.60 Change of address.

The holder of a pilot, flight instructor, or ground instructor certificate who has made a change in permanent mailing address may not, after 30 days from that date, exercise the privileges of the certificate unless the holder has notified in writing the FAA, Airman Certification Branch, P.O. Box 25082, Oklahoma City, OK 73125, of the new permanent mailing address, or if the permanent mailing address includes a post office box number, then the holder's current residential address.

I think the regulation speaks for itself because it explicitly states "Airman Certifiction Branch" and the FAA Medicals, even though in OK City are sent to a different division.

Better safe than sorry, I would just mail it to the aforementioned address.


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Dec 14, 2001
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Furloughed gal is quite correct. Reporting your current address on the medical doesn't constitute the required notification of 14 CFR 61.60. In fact, reporting a change in address on the medical, without making the necessary notification, could conceivably be used against you for showing a violation of 61.60.

However, 61.60 only requires notification for a change in the permanant mailing address, not residential address. Many pilots use a parent or relative who is stable, for their permanant address. Moves don't always necessitate written notification.

In this case, even though you moved several months ago, you have just recently made the change as far as the FAA need be concerned. You don't have to specify the date of your move, and you need admit nothing. Simply forward a letter advising of the change in address, and call it good. No one is going to come knocking on your door to find out the date of your move.

Most FAA mailings base their address off the last one reported on te medical, incidentally.

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Nov 26, 2001
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I don't think that they will consider the Medical application to have fulfilled that requirement. I read about a case a few years ago about a pilot who had a DUI. He disclosed it on his next medical application, which was within the time period of notifying the FAA about a DUI. He honestly beleived he had met the requirements. The FAA said no way, Jose, and suspended his pilot certificate. This is little diferent situation, but it does suggest that the FAA doesn't consider the medical application sufficient notification.