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Change In The Industry


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Mar 26, 2002
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This might end up being an interesting discussion that I have not seen yet.

When does everyone feel that the industry will begin to change?

Yes, lets all consult our magic 8-Ball for the answers :D


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Nov 26, 2001
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Industry changing

What kind of changes do you mean? What changes are you hoping for?

I've been out of the business for more than eight years and have found my way back via this message board. The big picture looks the same to me as it did in the early '90s. No pilot shortage, not enough jobs, people trying to find ways to build experience to get what few jobs there are, frustrated pilots trying to find ways to get the H.R. gods to look at their resumes, P-F-T, frustrated pilots who worked for years to make airlines mins and read that some 350-hour wonder got the job at United, etc. With few exceptions, management treating pilots with little respect, always telling them that there are plenty of pilots out there who want their jobs.

That's what amazed me when I started reading this board a year ago. The more things change, the more they stay the same. As far as I'm concerned, the early '90s weren't soon enough for the industry to change.