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Champion Air callbacks

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Well-known member
Nov 30, 2001
Got a phone call today from Dianna,

Seems they are getting the ball rolling on returning furloughees. Sounds heavily intensive on putting guys in DTW. She mentioned again the option to bypass the first go-around of call backs if they couldn't meet your base preference.

She also said, and this is not firm so please don't take this as gospel, that they were looking to also pickup all but the bottom 5 of the september new hire class. Since 9 of them were stopped in training, I suppose that means maybe 4 more would resume out of the 9.

Additionally, some of the folks she has called still haven't returned phone calls. That is why she is checking with the second group to see if they might be interested in DTW if they have too many bypass from the first group.

That and the fact that they announced the pay snapback as of January 1st (check your voicemail for message from Mike) I would consider very positive news. Happy holidays!!!!:D
She also said that they have picked up 500 hrs a month from MLT. They are working on Sun Country's lost business. All furloughed pilots should be back soon. The first group (including some of the 9/2001 new hire class) the beginning of January and the rest in February.
She is sending out an informational letter to everyone today. Things may very well be looking up at Champion.
She also said that DTW was going from 2 to 5 aircraft and 60 pilots. I guess that is good if you don't mind being in DTW but not so good if you live elsewhere.

Fly Safe,

Corp Pilot

looks like it is really happening. I just was told I will be back in class on Jan 14th. Guess it won't be so bad of a Christmas afterall. Good luck to everybody else in a speedy return.:)

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