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Challenger 300

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No Auto Throttles, but...........

If an owner wanted that option, I hear it is available. They don't do it as standard equipment so they are not in competiton with the CL-604
A/T are being tested, will be availble as Option soon (also as retrofit), not cheap, but yes, are available for CL-300.

Kollsman also plans a very nice gadget for this and other medium-small BizJets.
limodriver1 said:
there is no autothrottles available for cl-30....

Then I guess the program manager with Bombardier that I went throught initial with has no clue what his program is doing. Since he was the one who told me the information, I would have to take his word for it. It is not cheap by any means, but it is or will be available.
Thank you all for your replies..... I see the debate continues as I have been told that A/T's are an option but then other sources say they are not available. Hypothetically speaking what would be the cost of having them installed... again it's a ballpark only.

Once again thank you.

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