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Chalks and life decision ?

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Well-known member
Nov 27, 2001
I'm thinking of dropping off the face of the earth and giving it up to fly for Chalks or similar operation. I'm not married and no kids and don't have any plans of the sort, ever. Besides family and friends I only really care about having fun and flying. So sould I give up the regional to major career or go back to bed? Good Idea or not?

I saw their operation (Chalks) last spring and I think I'd like to work there. Anyone know about life there? Pay, beni., and sked. (enough cash for small house and a Champ/7ECA is all I need) How about culture? I talked to one of their Capts and got the feeling that most of their pilots are the sort that just cares about fun flying and not the almighty career. If flying there is anything like their web site I'm sold. Any info would be helpful.
An FO at Chalks works his butt off. Does all the fueling, all the baggage loading, all the paperwork. Between 6 and 8 months ago one of the Mallards had a main gear shear on the taxi at FLL. ASK LOT OF QUESTIONS about this accident.
Thanks OtterFO,

I'm no stranger to labor and actually enjoy it, just a raised as a lineguy, cfi/traffic watch/banner tow/ fish spotter/ jump pilot/charter slug/ now DHC8 Commuter Dog but GA Champ flyin pilot at hart.

Your comment about the gear? Do you mean MX is not up to par?
Any other information would be appreciated.
FONT=courier new]If it's the one I remember hearing about, the load was questionable i.e. verrrry heavy.[ Take care and good luck./FONT]
The airplane was taxing to the ramp when the right main landing gear collapsed. Examination of the landing gear revealed evidence of preexisting cracks. Review of paper work by company maintenance personnel revealed that components had been sent to a laboratory for examination. Upon return of the components the paperwork indicated that two components had been rejected due to cracks. Company maintenance personnel stated that unserviceable components had been tagged as serviceable and installed on an operational airplane which resulted in the subsequent failure and collapse of the right main landing gear.

Source: NTSB

That aint no overgross problem

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