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CFII endorsements HELP!

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Nov 26, 2001
I have a CFII applicant that is going for a checkride on Wensday, I gave him the required endorsment to take the test but, I noticed that when I did my CFII my instructor put an endorsement saying that I had received the required training within 60 days. I have'nt.
I can't find where the FARs say this even in 61.38 because it says required under THAT part and 60 days prior training is'nt required for any instructor rating.
CFI signoffs

Log on to this FAA site: http://www.faa.gov/avr/afs/acs/61-65c.txt

and go to signoff Nos. 21 and 22 for your CFI-I student's signoff.

I'd suggest you print the entire AC. These signoffs are straight from the FAA. If they're good enough for the FAA to recommend, they're good enough for me (and you, too). Use these signoffs word-for-word and you will be fine.

Hope this helps.

I'd just add as an aside that in the good old days of ten years ago you had to go to the FSDO to get the ACs. I've been out for eight years - am thinking about getting back in - and can't get over how you can get some many FAA materials on line.
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I think you mean 25 NOT the others, the one you pointed out is for instrument applicants not CFII applicants but I see you point I was looking at that just prior to reading this message....I still don't get where people say you have to have an endorsement saying you have had training within 60 days of a checkride???????To me simply if your going for such and such rating, the student has to have the endorsments under that particular part of the AC nothing more nothing less.

I do mean Nos. 21 and 22, under Flight Instructor endorsements, as follows:

Flight Instructor Endorsements

21. Endorsement for aeronautical knowledge: FAR Section
61.185(a) and (b)

I certify Mr./Ms.___________ has satisfactorily completed the
course of instruction required by FAR Section 61.185(a)(1)
through (6), and has logged the ground instruction required by
FAR Sections 61.105(a), 61.125(a), and 61.65(b) in preparation
for the flight instructor (airplane/instrument) rating.

S/S [date] J.J. Jones 654321CFI EXP. 11-30-91

22. Endorsement for flight proficiency: FAR Section 61.187(a)

I certify that I have given Mr./Ms.___________ the flight,
instruction required by FAR Section 61.187(a)(1) through (6) and
find him/her competent to pass a practical test on those

S/S [date] J.J. Jones 654321CFI EXP. 11-30-91

I copied and pasted these directly from the FAA page I gave you above.

The following URL will take you directly to Part 61 and you can look up the specific references:


I thought about the 60-day bit some more. I've seen that put on an endorsement. On the other hand, by operation of regulation your signoff is certification that you gave your student instruction within that timeframe.

Just the same, you'll be fine if you stick to the AC signoffs.

Once again, hope this has been helpful.
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While we are both on the same wave length AOPA one aopa.org (if your a member, under info resources) has AC 61-65D. AC61-65C is what the link going to the FAA web site.

61-65D revised 9/20/99

61-65C revised 2/11/91

What we are both correct on is that if I use the endorsements for the CFII in the AC I have covered all I needed to cover no more endorsements required right?

Endorsements are a confusing thing, I've seen it where a CFII going for MEI checkride was given a endorsement saying that he had satisfactorily passed the knowledge test.....Funny there is not knowledge test when going from CFII to MEI.

Tell me if you agree.
You've been a big help!

I have to call AOPA and have my online access fixed before I can look at the updated AC. Thanx for telling me about the new AC. :)

Otherwise, yes, if you write up a signoff according to the AC, you will have worked up a correct signoff.

You're right; it is curious that there is no written for the MEI. It is the easiest instructor rating to get. You've already proven you can instruct if you have a CFI already. So, all you have to do is to prove you can teach the aircraft's systems and Vmc. I recall the flight isn't much, either.

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