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CFI written

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Apr 23, 2005
I have a question about these writtens. I took them a while back so that I could go ahead and graduate college. I went in and took my commercial, CFI, and FOI tests all at the same time. I wasn't going to take my CFI and FOI stuff but the school said it would be better if I did and I was on a deadline so I did. My commercial I did good on but for CFI I prettymuch only got the commercial questions in it right and for the FOI I did it in 16mins and barely passed. I hadn't looked at that stuff and just guessed everyone one that had "positive encouragement" or something similar in it.

Anyway now that I'm getting ready for my CFI I actually have the FOI down so bad it's almost unhealthy. My question is, and i've been looking in the FAR's and haven't found it yet, can I go and take the test again without a signoff since I've already passed it? I know that if you fail you ahve to review what you missed. However I didn't fail so can I just go over there and take it again so I can try and get a perfect score?
Someone else will have to say for sure, but I think you'll need an endorsement to re-take any test you needed an endorsement to take in the first place.

But yes you can re-take it. More importantly though, why? A pass is a pass. If you know the FOI stuff, nothing will come up in your oral that you won't be able to handle. Same with the CFI written stuff...if you know it, you're good to go.

Personally (just my opinion), I'd say let it go and just do the checkride.


dang, comm, CFI and FOI in one sitting, your brain must hav needed some serious icing down after that one. This may actually work to your advantage, you go into the checkride barely passing the FOI...examiner sees this and grills you on it. Since you know the FOI cold it will take a little away from everything else....I would just roll with it. Good luck and fill me in on how your checkride goes, Im still trying to get mine scheduled but good luck.
I'd imagine the first thing he will ask you about is FOI, if you have that down I wouldnt worry about it. As far as the CFI written how did you do?
If you retake it it'll say so on the results anyway ;) But if you passed just know your stuff and you should be fine...your oral just might take a little longer than had you gotten a better score.

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