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CFI Training

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Jan 30, 2002
I was thinking about going for the CFI in the next few months. Does anyone have any suggestions on flight schools that offer package deals (i.e. single commercial, CFI, CFII)? I am located in Florida but willing to travel.

CFI deals

FlightSafety in Vero, 1-800-800-1411, www.flightsafetyacademy.com/, is known primarily for its 141 program but also does a lot of Part 61 training. They'll work out a package for you. I instructed at FSI several years ago. I trained CFIs and single-engine commercial students as well as Part 141 multis, and can vouch for the quality of training. Of course, it's pricey, but the facilities and equipment are first-rate and the place does try to serve the customer. I'd say that depending on how current you are you can finish both ratings in a month at FSI.

Sheble Aviation is in Nevada, http://shebleaviation.com/. In many ways this place is the antithesis of FlightSafety. For every way that FlightSafety is the formal, gold-plated school, Sheble is not. It really is a family-run business as FlightSafety is corporate. I did my ATP at Sheble nearly thirteen years ago when the place was in Blythe, California. The place will get the job done, and get it done fast. I looked at the Commercial single course syllabus and while it finishes you in two days you have to meet quite a few prerequisites before you can enroll.

Hope these two ideas give you a start. Good luck with your training.
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I worked at Langa Air in Alton IL. They had a 2 week course, but of course you have to come prepared. The best way to do your CFI is to know everything about anything that was ever rumored to have existed and then Langa Air will teach you how to present it in a manner that will pass the FAA exam. http:\\www.langaair.com

Keep in mind this isn't a course to learn new material, just to learn how to present it. They do offer a prep course for their CFI course and I believe it runs about two weeks as well. But talk to them, they have set up housing for people in the past.
I've heard A.T.P is having a good course with two weeks CFI course and they have a few locations in florida. Flight safety is a good option but i'm sure they'll be expensive. Try and check out schools in florida by visiting them and see if they have a regular class and how long it will take. Ari Ben in florida has some cheap and good CFI course. Good luck...
Flyboy, you are really lucky to be Fla, no need to travel far to find what you seek. There are a number of 141 schools in your great state! I dont have any opinion on any except American Flyers in Kissimmee (ISM). I finished up my private (part61) there. While there I was treated to a very informed professional staff of instructors. Several whom instructed the CFI course as well.
I believe it is a month long or so. I am currently working on Instrument, and as soon as I get comm I plan on interviewing them to train there for CFI,CFII. Good luck!!!
I did the CFI academy at American Flyers. It takes 30 days and is rather intense. When I took it, it was $1995, or something like that. I believe it now costs around $2450. That is for a CFI and II and if you work hard and go in with good technical knowledge, you can finish in 30 days. I currently instruct CFIs and I will tell you that the vast majority of applicants are woefully under-prepared. Make sure you have done your homework, wherever you go.

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