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Feb 26, 2002
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Hello, this is probably a long shot, but any info is appreciated.

My wife and I are considering relocating to Chicago. I have just barely started CFI training where I live in a smaller town in FL, but the hopes for employment after finishing my CFI are slim to none here. It seems like there would be more opportunities in aviation in a big city like Chicago, plus my wife has her whole family there, so we are considering a move.

What I would really like to find is a good place in Chicago to finish my CFI that might also be hiring. I have seen advice that the best scenario is to do your CFI where you would also like to work and where you can also eventually get some multi time. My short term career goal would be to instruct for a while and then move in to a freight dog job with plenty of opportunity for single pilot night IFR in winter. Might sound crazy but I respect anybody that does that and I think it would be a great experience. If anybody in the Chicago area has any ideas, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you in advance for any info.


Nov 25, 2001
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When I was just north of Chicago today in the L*** (that's for you, Cap..) I had a stopover at Palwaukee Muni, PWK. I saw an American Flyers skyhawk working on takeoffs and landings, so that proves they are somewhere in the area, so there's a start.


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Nov 26, 2001
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There are two American Flyers schools in the Chicago area. One is at Palwaukee Airport (PWK), and the other is at DuPage Airport (DPA). The DPA school will probably be losing 2-3 instructors by the end of this month to Chicago Express so my guess is they will probably need to replace them fairly soon. They are a decent company, but they don't have twins there.

You might also want to try Illinois Academy/Scott Aviation or Cougar Aviation at DPA, Luman Air or ATP at ARR, Windy City Flyers at PWK, Lewis University at LOT, and there is also one at Clow Int. but I forget the name... R&M I think??? There are others, but these are just a few off the top of my head.

Best of luck to you!
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