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CFI Stage Check Exam

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AM Aviation
Dec 5, 2001
I am going to take the CFI stage 1 exam, and I was looking for info on the test. Is there a study guide that I can download to prepare for the test?
What exactly do you mean by a stage one exam? Are you talking about the FAA writtens? Huh?
CFI Stage Check

No not the actual FAA test, but the 141 stage check exam. THere are 2 stages of ground training and 2 stages of flight training. Just looking for some info.

C-130 Flight Engineer
stage check

That depends on the study materials being used, Jepppeson, gleim? Are you in a ground school? If so then I would ask the instructor. At the school where I instruct we use cessna and jepp and all the questions come from the books on the stage exams.
Stage exams vary from school to school. You'll need to ask your instructor.

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